Miss Mundo Latina United States is a beauty pageant that advances and supports today's Latin american young ladies in the Central Florida region... These women are savvy, goal-oriented and aware. The contestants who become part of Miss Mundo Latina United States display those characteristics in their everyday lives, both as individuals who participate in the competitions to advance their careers, personal and humanitarian goals, and as women who seek to improve the lives of others.

Media Television... and More:
Hundreds of people know the Miss Mundo Latina United States. Catherine Models Agency Group is the producer of two landmark beauty pageants,  this is the only pageant that recognizes the beauty of our latin American heritage  in Central Florida. Catherine Model Agency Group works closely with non-profit organizations and talent agencies across the United States and Latina America. With a diverse group of dedicated people that volunteer their time to Central Florida community the Catherine Models Agency is the proud producer of this grand event. During the winter of 2008 Catherine Models Agency Group along with Mr. Samuel Erazo and Catherine Nunez were selected to be the Preliminary Directors for the 2010 Miss Central Florida USA, a Miss Florida USA preliminary. Mr. Grant Jr. was director of Miss Florida USA was present for this event and he gave the team “Cudos” for being one of the best preliminaries in Florida.
Miss Mundo Latina United States provides the opportunities - the mentoring, career training, schooling, resources, and scholarships training provided through our "Fund Raising Events" and through donations from our dear sponsors the overall life experiences - for young Latin american young women to be personally enriched through the organization's year-round “Fund raising" and support of all aspects of their lives, from their own personal career goals to social and humanitarian causes and work.

The titleholders of the Miss Mundo Latina United States personify the combination of beauty and intelligence that defines the 21st Century. In keeping with its global view and position as role models all around Central Florida.
Our winners go on to represent USA in the International beauty pageant (s)Miss Turismo Intercontinental 2009 & 2010 in Dominican Republic, where they will have the opportunity of a lifetime and receive national television and media exposure. Throughout their year, the Titleholders will have the opportunity to travel throughout the state making appearances at various events.
Miss Mundo Latina United States is the number one latin American beauty pageant event in Central Florida.
The personal bests the women seek to achieve by cultivating their passions, humor, education and more will both honor the long and popular traditions of the Miss Mundo Latina United States define contemporary women of Central Florida.

 Local & State Resources:
The Catherine Models Agency brings a group of professionals to work with the young contestants,  Miss Mundo Latina United States has offices in Dominican Republic & Orlando Florida. It is staffed by experts in fields ranging from modeling, style, dance, cake-walk, marketing and TV production, Media providing a range of services for women all at no expense to the participants.
This year MISS MUNDO LATINA United States® 2009 will be recorded for future cable telecast and this telecast will kick off the mid part of August 2009. The MISS MUNDO LATINA United States® telecast is in August 2009.

Our Local Office:
The Catherine Models Agency & Miss Mundo Latina United States office in Orlando, Florida

Miss Mundo Latina United States 2008:  Jossie Marques
Miss Mundo Latina Teen United States 2008: Keliann Jimenez
Miss Little Mundo Latina United States 2008: Abby Santiago